No notification from Beacon received when App is in killed state iOS 11, Using React-Native Wrapper SDK

I am using Estimote Proximity React-Native Wrapper SDK, If the App is in killed state (ie, I tapped on the home button and swipe up the app), Notification from Beacons are not received. The issue is in iOS. In the same scenario Android is receiving notification. Is this some issue with iOS only

Hi Mouzmi,

When using our wrappers, the same conditions apply as in the case of native iOS apps. We covered them in this article: How to restore a killed app. Make sure you follow those 2 steps outlined there and you should be able to wake the app up from the killed state :slight_smile:

We have already tried the steps in the Article, but unfortunately it is not working for iOS. We checked them when we reach to office from home. ie, more than 24 hrs and several kms away from the beacon. Android shows the notification but iOS do not. We are testing it using a local notification. ie, when the app enters the region of a beacon we are firing a local notification. I found that there are some issues for React-Native local notification while app is in the killed state. The issue is for React-Native and from iOS 11. I am unable to find the exact reason. Is there any-other way to check if app is waking up from the killed state when it comes in the range of beacon other than firing local notification.

I had some time to test this today—see the issue on GitHub for my methodology, and results (spoilers: it worked for me :wink:)

I was testing on the very latest iOS, 11.4.1, with the React Native’s own PushNotificationIOS component.

can u send me that code of notification when u found beacons