Nearables can not be detected


I’ve allready made my first Android App using Proximity Beacons. Now I tried to make one using nearables. I used the following Code to set this up. Allthow i did not get any errors, i do also not receive any detected nearables in my Log.

Is there a Problem with my Code or could it be something with the devices? If needed I can Post More Information. I am Using an LG-H815(Android 6.0, API 23)

Thank you for any Inputs or suggestions

beaconManager = new BeaconManager(this);

        beaconManager.setNearableListener(new BeaconManager.NearableListener() {

            public void onNearablesDiscovered(List<Nearable> nearables) {
                Log.d("app", nearables.toString());
                Log.d("app", String.valueOf(nearables.size()));

                for (Nearable nearable : nearables) {
                    Log.d("app", nearable.identifier);

                 TextView editText = (TextView) findViewById(;
beaconManager.connect(new BeaconManager.ServiceReadyCallback() {
            public void onServiceReady() {

You don’t receive any callback or you receive callback with empty list?
There is another thread on forum about problem with ranging (also LG phone). You can check if flags I mentioned there will help:

I do receive a callback with an empty list. As you can see i try to put information in the Log.
The Log looks currently like this:

05-11 15:01:21.850 12332-12332/networkofarts.noanearables D/app: []

I will look throw the post you linked, thanks for the Input.