Memory for each ESTBeaconRegion object?

I know there are certain amount of beacons to be connected for iOS.

Beside the fact, if I plan to instantiate like 100~300 of ESTBeaconRegion objects to be notified in background, how much memory would I need? or will it crash?

Hi Park,

iOS allows to you keep monitoring for up to 20 regions at the same time. Currently it's not possible to keep monitoring for more than that, unless you implement a logic allowing for dynamic region switching.


Thanks for the answer.

I know how many regions can be connected at the same time as you mentioned, but what I want to do is to be prepared by instantiating many region objects with implementing a logic like you described like "dynamic region switching".

I am currently thinking an app that can get different push notifications from several different retail stores respectively, and those stores could be cramped into a small area.

Hi Park,

Good question (:

Maybe you could try it out empirically and use Xcode's profiling tools to measure the memory footprint, and share your findings here?

Lazy instantiation of these regions is always an option in case the memory usage turns out to be high.