ListView of beacons and distance

            private double findNearestBeacon(List<Beacon> list)
                Beacon nearestBeacon = null;
                double nearestBeaconsDistance = -1;
                for (Beacon beacon : list) {
                    double distance = Utils.computeAccuracy(beacon);
                    if (distance > -1 &&
                            (distance < nearestBeaconsDistance || nearestBeacon == null)) {
                        nearestBeacon = beacon;
                        nearestBeaconsDistance = distance;

                return nearestBeaconsDistance;

I have this function to compute the lowest value of distance in beacons, I’m fairly new in java so before I try to do this, I would like to know if this is possible to achieve.

I’m trying to create a listview, where beacons and the distance to each beacon are listed respectively.

Hi @Lozy,

it could help you to work with the Estimote Android SDK examples, in particular with the ProximityContent one, because it’s what you are looking for :wink: