Out of sudden I’m getting fatal exception on this line.
beaconKey = String.format("%d:%d", beacon.getMajor(), beacon.getMinor())

Full code
public List<String> placesNearBeacon(Beacon beacon) { beaconKey = String.format("%d:%d", beacon.getMajor(), beacon.getMinor()); if (PLACES_BY_BEACONS.containsKey(beaconKey)) { return PLACES_BY_BEACONS.get(beaconKey); } return Collections.emptyList(); }

The error is
Implicitly using the default locale is a common source of bugs: Use String.format(Locale, ...) instead

It works fine before I edited something in the code, undo the changes wont remove the bug somehow…

Hmm, can you paste the full code from your MainActivity to, and then post the URL to that here?

Hi, thanks for offering to help again !

But today I tried on my friend’s android and it worked fine without any error.
Hours later and it worked on my android once again !
A friend of mine said that it could because of my android is rooted.
Note that, I did not edit anything in the code.

Do you still want me post the codes ? The error has changed anyway…I have no idea why and how

Well, if it works now then I guess it’s all good (:

The “locale” message I believe is just a warning, unrelated to beacons at all. The NullPointerException was more interesting.

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