Is it possible to send push notifications to all devices within beacon range?

I don't mean a client receiving a notification when he walks into a certain region of a beacon, but sending an improvised push notification to all devices already within the beacon range.

How can I achieve that? Thank you in advance.

If you want a user to receive more notifications while being in the range, you could actually set the app to display more than a one local notification after didenter event. You could use timer to make them appear after some time.

Here is an example of managing the notifications:

Ola, thank your for your response. However, I think that I wasn't clear enough. What I meant was, for example, sending a push notification customized from a web app in a moment that was not planned before. That's why I can't set a timer in the app to query the server, it has to be pushed from the server to the client.

Maybe I could keep track of the devices that are, for example, inside of the store and in the moment I want to send the notification, send it to those devices only.

Thank you!

Hi Matias,

Yes, it should be possible to reach out with notifications only to a given group of users identified as being in proximity to a specific beacon. The users, though, need to be connected through Wi-Fi/Cellular.