iOS 11 - ESTDeviceManager requesting bluetooth settings

I’m creating an iOS app that uses Estimote beacons. It also includes beacon telemetry.

When I launch my app with Bluetooth Off in Settings App, I get a prompt on screen to go to settings to turn on bluetooth.

I only get this prompt when I instantiate the ESTDeviceManager as follows. If I don’t include the below lines, I don’t get prompted to turn on bluetooth, but then my Telemetry won’t work.

self.deviceManager = [ESTDeviceManager new];
self.deviceManager.delegate = self;

Is there a way to prevent being prompted to go to settings? I have tried the following to see if it would override what’s in the EstimoteSDK:

    CBCentralManager* bluetoothManager =[[CBCentralManager alloc]
                    options:@{CBCentralManagerOptionShowPowerAlertKey: @(NO)}];

Any help would be appreciated.

AFAIK there’s no way to disable that popup currently with the ESTDeviceManager. You can file this as a feature request on:

Thanks for the fast reply @heypiotr

I’ll file a feature request now