I am looking for making pilot for Beacons apps

I am intersting to buy Beacons, for specific use:

  1. to show location on the iOS / android in the Beacons area.

  2. I want to point the mobile user from one beacon to another, so I can point them to that area on the mobile, like road map in the area of the beacons.

  3. need to put the Beacons on indoor and outdoor.

  4. I want to upload maps and avatar make it fun, design etc… I will provide, but if have solution in that part I will like to here.

  5. I need guide eitch Beacons should I need?

  6. any Technology support?

  7. is there any apps that can I pay for use that service that can give me all dat, so it will easy to define few part and not build all from zero?

Waiting for any help in that field