How can I make my Android application to act as a Beacon?

I want to develop two Android applications out of which one application should act as a Beacon. That is, one of my application installed in one device should listen certain events from the other app installed in other device and should broadcast some information on listening those events. I read many articles and I found that the Android device must have Bluetooth LE hardware and it must have peripheral mode enabled by the device manufacturer. But most of the manufacturer as well as Google itself has disabled peripheral mode.

So my question is there a way (a Beacon library available?), so that I can make my application to act as ttrockstars Beacon.

Thanks in Advance.

If Bluetooth advertising is disabled on the controller/system-stack level, then there would be no workaround for that. Any libraries you find will likely be just higher-level wrappers built on top of the peripheral mode.

It’s interesting to learn that most manufacturers explicitly disable that … I would’ve assumed that most modern Android devices actually do support this feature.