How can I get the Log of information of every scan?

I want to get the Log of every information that I want to pass in every scan that application does but I am afraid as I dont know where to call the log.
I wanted to get the information store in my db per every scan so I want to do this.
The problem is that when I call the beacon ListBeaconActiviry i am gettinjg null point exception error!
Please direct me for the same.Thanks in advance!

If you want to do something on every scan, add it to the onBeaconsDiscovered method. By default, this method is being called every second with beacons detected nearby, when doing ranging.

Is possibile to set the scan period of onBeaconsDiscovered?

[UPDATE] I found the solution! I used the setForegroundScanPeriod method of the BeaconManager class.

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