How can I get notification when entering in a beacon area even if the app is off (Android)

I would like to know if it’s possible to get notification when entering in a beacon area, without opening the app.

Thank you

Sure! You just need to install the app, and run it once to start scanning for beacons, but then if you enter range of a beacon, your app can react appropriately even if it’s currently hidden.

Check out our tutorial to learn how to code that:

… or use the Notification example:

Thank you for your response, yes I used “” for the first time but the problem with this, is that when I get away from the beacon and come again there is no notification, I have notification only if I run the app.

And for “” there is only notification when I run the app, and when close it, there is no more the notification.

Me I would like since I once run the app once, even if I close it when come again in the beacon area I can get the notification.

Thank you in advance for your help