GPIO Sample Code?

Hi - does anyone have some code snippet of how to send data to a GPIO location beacon port?

All I could find was a very high level description of how to do it from the app…


Hi @Daniel!

If you don’t mind, please private-message me in order to receive more information.

I just did. Do you know if there is a publicly available doc with examples? I am sure I am not the only one trying to do this.


Other than a few videos, there is NO documentation about it :confused:


Hey Daniel, sorry for late response, we’ve been a bit under the water in the past 2 weeks, but should now be getting back to better supporting our community of developers.

When it comes to some super-simple GPIO example, it really is super simple: you set your GPIO pins to “input”, and you either send electrical current (~3.3 V AFAIK) to the port, or not (: And then in the Estimote Telemetry packet, you’ll see if the state is “high” or “low”:

There are ready-made SDK methods for detecting and parsing Telemetry, more in our Telemetry tutorial. Or, you can always just connect to the beacon (there are connection guides for iOS and Android SDKs in the respective GitHub repos), and read the values directly.

Something more exciting and sophisticated is to use the GPIO ports in UART mode—we’ve developed a protocol (“EstiUART”) for steering the beacon advertising over GPIO, by sending a string of bits and bytes to GPIO on a certain clock. Here’s an Arduino example, a PDF with the specs, and an iOS app to set your GPIO ports to UART:’

We totally agree this needs to be public—we plan to clean it up a bit and post to our Developer Portal soon.

Hello Piotr Krawiec,
I would like to know if there is any sample code for Swift, because when I access the GPIO properties of the ESTDevice Object, I am informed that this is a read-only property. How can I set up GPIO ports via Swift?

Already grateful.
Rubens M. Rodrigues.

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Hi @heypiotr,

The dropbox link with the Arduino example does not exist anymore. Have you guys made this public yet?
There’s a few people looking for this functionality, and any additional information would help.


I was wondering if anybody has some code we could use to toggle the GPIO of the location Beacon (high) when the smarphone app goes out of range, and (low) when the app comes back in range. Also, is there an IDE to program the beacons

@heypiotr I too am looking for some sample code like this. Anything about turning GPIOs on or off would be good (for Android).

Hey guys! Sorry for such long delay. When it comes to GPIO sample code you can find the iOS one here: It shows possibilites of both input and output mode. If I can help you any further, let me know! :hammer_and_wrench:

Unfortunately we don’t have any Android sample code for that yet