Get the RSSI value from iBeacon

Hi all, im new to iBeacon, can anyone explain how to extract the rssi value programmatically in swift? As in what class and method to use.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Warm welcome (:

I’d suggest to start with our iBeacon tutorial, especially part 3, which is about ranging:

Once you have ranging up and running, you can get the RSSI in the didRangeBeacons method, it’s an rssi property of the CLBeacon objects. You get an array of CLBeacon objects in each invocation of the didRangeBeacons delegate.

Thanks a bunch, i’ll try to get that working first :slight_smile:

So, where should i declare the didRangeBeacons method? Is it in the AppDelegate or ViewControllerFile?

Thank you once again.

Wherever you want to use it (: In the Airport tutorial, we’re declaring it in the ViewController, because we assume you want to sort the list of food options based on the beacon ranging results.