[For Hire]- Softweb Solutions Inc. provides Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions for various industries

Hi There,

I am Naren Patidar from Softweb Soltuions Inc.

Softweb has served companies like Bosch Rexroth, T-mobile, Fujifilm, OTTO, Baxter, ADA, GE, PepsiCo and many other large enterprises for their web and mobile app needs. We have been providing high-quality and exceptionally flexible solutions to Large Enterprises and SMEs for the last 10+ years.

We implemented beacon IoT solutions for large Enterprises like Bosch and a big retail firm ShopperTrak.

To know more about Softweb please visit the following links:

Profile: http://www.softwebsolutions.com/about-softweb-solutions.html
Portfolio: http://www.softwebsolutions.com/portfolio.html
IoT Services: http://www.softwebiot.com/

Let us work together to bring your IoT ideas in reality.

Feel free to contact me at: naren@softwebsolutions.com
Skype: narendra.softweb

All your requirements are welcome!!. Please drop me an email if you need any further information.

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Naren Patidar | Enterprise Solutions Consultant
Softweb Solutions Inc. | Chicago, IL
Email: naren@softwebsolutions.com