File not found


I have added libEstimoteSDK.a file successfully link but when ever i am going to import any file (#import <ESTBeaconManager.h>
or #import "ESTBeacon.h") in my code i am getting error file not found please let me know what is the issue.

sanjay sahu

Hi Sanjay,

Reported this to our developers, will get back to you shortly. Also, please make sure you've downloaded the .JAR file correctly:


Hi there,

Did you copy the Headers folder as well as the libEstimoteSDK.a file into your project directory? You also need to make sure to update Header Search Paths in your project settings.

Feel free to consult the Installation instructions available on GitHub for more details: (note step 3 of the manual installation section)

If you're familiar with CocoaPods, it might be easier to use the EstimoteSDK pod instead.