Estimote's Bluetooth Class of Device


I am trying to connect an estimote beacon to a HC-05 bluetooth module connected to an Arduino. The module works perfectly, although I can’t find any of my estimotes because I don’t know which is their class type.

If anyone knows it or how to obtain I’d be very greatfull.

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I am facing a similar situation. Could you get your HC-05 to detect estimotes?

This would really help!

Hi borkar,

Unfortunately, the problem is that HC-05 is not BLE as the estimotes are, therefore they can’t be detected.

If you wanted to detect them using Arduino, first you need to find a BLE component for the Arduino, like this one:

At some point I will be getting one, so I will be able to confirm if it works.

Hope this helped,

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Thanks Svarta…I realized the same after digging some more.

Also before considering redbearlab’s bleshield, should be noted that it can play only peripheral roles (can’t be a master).
Unless that is the requirement of your project.

Thanks a lot!