Estimote beacons battery level

I cannot seem to get the battery level out of my beacons, I got my beacons last week. any ideas ? Here is some code I use to get the info.

ESTBeacon *beacon = [self.beaconarray objectAtIndex:i];
NSLog(@"Minor %@ Major %@", beacon.minor, beacon.major);
NSLog(@"Distance %@", beacon.distance);
NSLog(@"Battery Level %@", beacon.batteryLevel);

beacon.minor/major/disatance works fine.

Hi Jason,

You need to be connected to a Beacon to read the battery level. The method for retrieving it is described in our API documentation:


You need to connect first to the beacon in order to read battery level.

Use connectToBeacon method on ESTBeacon object.

Wojtek, what happened to the battery level info? Has it been deprecated? How can I get it?