EILIndoorLocationManager does not call delegate methods if Bluetooth is already ON

If Bluetooth is already ON and startPositionUpdatesForLocation: is called the delegate method didUpdatePosition: is not called. If I turn OFF the Bluetooth and turn it ON again then the delegate method is called.
Also, if Bluetooth is OFF and the startPositionUpdatesForLocation is called it does not call the delegate method for obvious reasons. But after I turn it ON, the delegate starts receiving updates.
Basically, the updates are received only when the Bluetooth is toggled from OFF to ON.
I would be glad if you please take a look and verify this.

Hi akshay1188!

Could you provide SDK version, device model and iOS version so that we can reproduce the bug?

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Estimote Indoor SDK v2.2.0
Device iPhone 6S iOS v9.2


we recently released SDK v2.2.1 with a bug fix to a very similar problem that you describe.
Can you give it a try and check if it solves your problem?

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