Do Eddystone suport ranging and monitoring feature

Hi , As estimote support ranging and monitoring for estimote beacon. do it support for eddystone?
mean can i do ranging for eddystone uid. if not how we can achieve this, as eddystone uid is kind of replacement for ibeacon format.

We do support ranging for Eddystone-UID, although for Eddystone we call it “scanning” instead. More info here: Quick start for Eddystone.

At the moment, we do not have monitoring-like feature for Eddystone. It’s possible to write it yourself on top of scanning if needed—think of an “enter” as when the Eddystone is scanned for the first time, and “exit” if the Eddystone hasn’t been scanned for some period of time, e.g., 30 seconds.

Is there any plan to implement monitoring for eddy-stone, currently i was doing research with eddystone-url , if i want to show an url in notification bar as user walks to a store or somewhere.
how i can implement that kind of scenario. i kept scanning code into service and created notification. but prob is it is giving continuous notification. i cannot stop scanning as there might be other beacons nearby and i am interested in getting there url as well. so scanning need to be done but in background for url. so what solution you suggest.

Yeah, putting your code into a service is the way to go, and I assume it actually worked for you, but now it keeps spamming the notification? Because the scanning listener will be called every fixed interval (by default: 1 s), you need to make sure to only post the notification the first time you scan the beacon, e.g.:

private boolean notificationShown = false;
// ...
if (!this.notificationShown) {
  this.notificationShown = true;

@heypiotr Hi!
Does the SDK has now the monitoring feature for Eddystone ?
If not I will do otherwise !

Thanks a lot.

Still not, I’m afraid. The idea with implementing it yourself on top of scanning still stands.

Does estimote eddistone monitoring available now?

These days, the only Estimote-supported software for scanning/monitoring proximity to beacons is Estimote Proximity SDK, which uses Estimote’s proprietary Estimote Monitoring technology/protocol:

If you prefer to work with Eddystone, there are a few 3rd party options out there (e.g., Android Beacon Library, or Google Nearby Messages for iOS/Android). All of Estimote beacons still support broadcasting Eddystone packets, so it’s perfectly fine to use Estimote beacons/hardware and 3rd party software—many developers I know, and a few of our customers do it this way. (Just keep in mind that if you run into any problems with the 3rd party SDKs, e.g., can’t detect the beacons, or the results are unreliable/inaccurate, we might not be able to help.)