Disguising the beacons

I work in an art museum that also is an education center. We have the beacons but were looking for a way to hide them somehow. We were thinking of putting some kind of shadow box around them and have it so they can be painted over the blend in with the walls. They wouldn’t draw attention away from the art as well as be out of the hands of children.

Does anyone have an suggestions of how this can be achieved?

We’ve seen people doing all kinds of things (: For example, painting the silicone enclosure so that it blends with the wall (just make sure to use non-metallic paint, as it’d absorb the signal). Or 3D-printing their own plastic enclosures (again, try not to use anything with metal and too much water in it—e.g., wood). Guggenheim hides their Estimote beacons in plastic boxes attached to the lighting rails.

In general though, most people over-estimate how visible Estimote Beacons are if you position them skillfully and maybe match the color of the wall. I’ve been visiting numerous deployments in the past, and even with the advantage of knowing that the beacons are there, and the kind of shape to look for, I’ve repeatedly had trouble locating our beacons (: