Difference between Map View and Last known location

It would be really nice if you can update gps positions coming from the payload function with last known location.That way even if something is wrong with the app that a user builds or there is no app at all he/she it will be easier to find the beacon looking at last known location via the client API:
Basic functionality can be achieved even without and app.

device = client.get_device(identifier=‘xxx’).json()

Something among the line if lat and long in payload update last known position.

Currently, the last known location is not updating very often on one of my beacons, once per few days although I have hundreds of GPS points for that period. I have a map of my movements and the device has picked the middle of nowhere where I passed for a few seconds as last known location. The other hasn’t updated his last known locations since I got it although it can pick GPS positions and send it as payload. I guess the two functions are not connected.The positioning is very dependent on the passing satellites although I have set it 5 min sync it some times pics 3, 5, 15, 30, or 90 min distance, the state of the battery must have a big role as well.

Map View uses data that user provided in lat and long fields. Last known location uses data provided in heartbeat directly from GPS (if it was enabled by the user). Those two functions are not connected for a reason. User can provide fake or incorrect data inside lat and long for example for testing purposes (it is not always convenient to run around with beacon when you want to check something). Last known location does not depend on user provided data and should provide real position.