DidEnterRegion and DidExitRegion not calling properly in android?

Hi,i am used iBeaconservice class.DidEnter and DidExit region keep on calling once reached region.I want to call only one time after if i am go to another beacon that time also calling.Please give me solution.

Hi there—can you let me know which version of our Android SDK do you use, what's your Android device and version of the Android OS?

Could you check if the NotifyDemo from the Demos project bundled with the SDK is experiencing the same behavior? You'll find it here:

https://github.com/Estimote/Android-SDK - the "Demos" subdirectory

Hi Piotr Krawiec thanks for your reply.Already i am use it this same code.But i need to run background also.SO i called iBeaconservice class extends .Activity means it's called once.,but service means keep on calling while region enter after also.Kindly give me solution.Thanks

I'm not sure I fully understand. Are you accessing the BeaconService directly? Unless you really know what you're doing, we advise against it—use BeaconManager instead.

What power are you running your beacons at? I noticed erratic behaviour from the beacons whenthe power is set on weak.

Hi i am using this source .Kindly mention below this link:

I am used three beacon .Once i reached one beacon i want to call EnterRegion only one time .Whether exit this also same called only one time.But now whether i am enter one region called keep on calling enter and exit also.So keep on calling enter region .Please give me solution.

Hi there—the app you linked to uses Radius Networks' SDK, so it's probably a better idea to ask them about it.