didEnterRegion and didExitRegion being called every minute

Hello everyone, I am new in beacons and I’ve read a tutorials(they’re great :)) for setting up, everything works fine, but then I get some glitch

I’ am using monitoring beacons in region (with UUID, major and minor values). The issue is, when I entered to region, after 2 minutes(approximately) calls a didExitRegion, but my beacon located in 20 inches from my device. Then calls didEnterRegion again and this happens periodically.
How can I prevent this case, does it exist some workaround to avoid this issue?

I just found the same topic (I guess author has the same issue) in stackoverflow, and there recommended to create a dictionary with date , but it didnt help me actually…

How can I to detect the real exit/enter from the fake one ?

I’ll be glad to get your advises, thank you very much :slight_smile:

P.S. Iam using the last SDK version, iOS 9.3.2, device is iPod Touch 6th generation.

Sadly, that’s a known problem with iOS:

There’s a possible workaround by @chaychoong here:

What this code does is, it delays the exit event by 3 seconds—if the exit was a “false” one, and is followed by an enter within these 3 seconds, it will discard the exit. You may want to play with the 3-second value.

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