Bug in Android Proximity SDK

When using a proximity sample application downloaded from your apps section at estimote.com

The application does not appear to raise an entry notification in the following scenario:

  1. Start the proximity notification application from android studio with multiple beacons with the same tag
  2. Wait for the app to detect that you are in range and get the notification displayed from a beacon
  3. Enable airplane mode / disable Bluetooth to trigger an exit notification but do not leave the range of the beacon
  4. Disable airplane mode which enables Bluetooth again

Expected is that a new entry event is triggered as you are back in range of the beacons even though you never left physically

What actually happens is that no entry notification is triggered and the application does not raise a notification

As it is right now, when you disable Bluetooth, the Proximity Observer will stop working indefinitely until it is restarted after Bluetooth comes back on. Slightly annoying, but luckily it’s easy to work around—in my own apps/projects, I usually have a broadcast receiver which listens for changes in the Bluetooth state, and restarts the observer when Bluetooth goes from off to on.

Hey piotr, thanks for a quick reply, do you have a sample code of that?

Is it just to recreate the zone listeners? I have a broadcast receiver already listening for the bluetooth state just curious whether i should re-create the zone listener or what is required to “restart” the observer?

Also does this also affect ios in the same way?


If you already store your zones somewhere, it’s should be as simple as:

observationHandler = proximityObserver.startObserving(myProximityZones)

You don’t need to re-create the zones themselves.

iOS is not affected by this AFAIR.