Beacon Does not detect after App remove from tray

Hey There,

In my application beacon detect didEnterRegion & didExitRegion method perfect until application is in background mode or also in foreground so notification works perfect for background & foreground.

to display the notification, code is inside the method of didEnterRegion.

but my issue is that as soon as i remove application from tray means kill the application after that beacon does not detect any delegate method (didEnterRegion & didExitRegion). so that i am not able to display any notification. so is there any help to call delegate method (didEnterRegion & didExitRegion) even when application is removed from tray or will terminate.because i want to display notification even app is not in background.

i am using xcode 7.2.0 & testing in ios 9.2 version.

Yes, you can get your didEnter and didExit calls even if the app was terminated.

However, in order to do that, iOS will relaunch your app from scratch, so you need to keep your monitoring related logic in the App Delegate. (As the View Controllers won’t be instantiated if the app is launched into the background.)

We explain the necessary setup in detail in our iBeacon tutorial, so feel free to go through it: