Beacon detection in application suspended mode?

The issue I am facing with iOS is If the user manually kills the application and after few days later, he comes to my store or in beacon range it does not get notified or any alert until he manually launch the application.

I want to track beacon in a Suspended mode for iOS, hence I would like to know CBUDID/ Service UDID.

Please suggest if there something by which I can achieve it.

Relaunching an app via iBeacon monitoring should work out of the box, and doesn’t require Service UUID—iBeacon packets don’t even include a service UUID. Basically, iBeacon gets special treatment, compared to other BLE advertising.

Have you followed our iBeacon tutorial? Parts 1 and 2 lay out everything that’s necessary for an app to be relaunched to handle an “enter” or “exit” event:

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Thanks, Piotr Krawiec!

I will go through the links shared.

Really I like to appreciate your timely response and support. It helps us a lot.

Gagan Patidar

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In Suspended mode suppose I disable the Bluetooth or location. Is there any way my application get notified about the Bluetooth and location off.

Sadly, I don’t think so, or at least I haven’t found a way yet myself :disappointed: