Beacon based zones identification

What are the definitions of 3 beacon zones - Immediate, Near and Far?
How the App is going to realize whether user is entering the store or leaving? e.g. whether he is in immediate zone or far zone?
Can it be possible with 1 beacon only or there will be 2 beacons 1 at Entrance Gate and other at Exit Gate?

Hi Ajay,

Please refer to this article: The app knows in which zone user is thanks to RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator).

To each zone you can set different notification. Zones are not adjustable, they are preset boundaries that fit within the confines of the radio signal's reach. As an example, if the range is reduced to 10 m, all three zones remain available. If the range is further reduced, to just 1.5 m, two zones remain available; immediate and near.

Then when the user is entering particular zone, the notification is displayed accordingly.

Please read more about zones here: there are three zones

Hope it helps.

Whether 1 Beacon can be used as Entry Message notifier and Exit Gate notifier as well?


Yes you can use one beacon for that. Just to remind - beacon is just sending bluetooth signal it's the app installed on the device that triggers the content displayed on the mobile device depends on the proximity to the beacon.

So you can set different notification for each zone as well as entering and exiting the range of the beacon. Basically you can have 5 different notifications with one beacon.

Hope it's more clear now :)