Background notification to open app

Is there any simple github project for ios that enables background notifications
even when the app is killed?
There is a simple app called proximitask on appstore that does something like that.

There’s a great article on background notifications including a sample code on the Community Portal.


I will check it out, thanks,

Hi jacku,
I saw the sample script. I am not very familiar with xcode development (I am a bit more into android).
If I want to use this code in an existing application that I developed using phonegap technologies and is in an xcode project, how would I do that? Do I need to add the estimote sdk? where would I add this script to?
Do I need to create a new class or add it an existing class?
I am currently using the evothings cordova plugin to talk with my beacons today.

OK, I found my application delegate file.
where do I declare the self.beaconManager for the:
self.beaconManager = [ESTBeaconManager new]
is the ESTBeaconManager part of the estimote SDK, that I need to include in my project?

Here’s an example app that should be doing exactly what you’re looking for (: (3.9 MB)

I tried to install the app as is, yet I am not getting any notification.
I did change the major and minor values.
Is there anything else I need to setup in order for this xcode project to run?

Oops, looks like I made a typo in the UUID:

B9407F30-F5F8-466E-AFF9- 25556B57FE6D

should be:


Thanks, works great in the app you sent me and in my app I developed as well,
This I exactly what I needed. Now the big question is, do you have a code sample of something similar that works on android?

Take a look at these existing topics about background monitoring on Android:

There are some example of this in swift ?

No, but you should be able to translate this to Swift yourself. Alternatively, take a look at the background monitoring tutorial: