Advertising vs. Connectivity Mode

I understand that the Estimote's are in both Advertising and Connectivity Mode concurrently. hat's fine.

I also understand that within an app one can switch between the two.

Lets say I have developed an App and I am Developer-A. I install a number of estimote's in various stores around town.

My questions are ;

can another Developer (Developer-B) access the estimote's I have installed around town. In other words, can they write an app that receives the Advertising data sent ?

can Developer-B do anything at all with the estimote's I have installed.

where can I read a detailed description on Advertising vs Connectivity modes and how to get the best out of those modes.

thank you


Here is also a summary of the difference between these two modes:


Answering your questions,

As for now, another developer could access your beacons as we have fixed UUID for all beacons.
You might however change the major, please read more here:
In the future we will enable to change the UUID.

What do you mean exactly?

Please read here:
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Hi Mark

Here is some further information:

Security is the concern here. At the moment our UUID is fixed and there is some concern for mission critical deployments, spoofing could occur. We have plans to employ security — this will happen. At the moment these are dev kits and we've not had time to get every vector in place yet but this is a critical component that will be addressed.

On connectivity mode: iOS-SDK-master/Documents/Protocols/ESTBeaconDelegate.html

On advertising mode: iOS-SDK-master/Documents/Classes/ESTBeacon.html

In simple terms, the beacons arrive to you in advertising mode and are operating in this mode for most of the time.

Connectivity mode uses more power but is necessary for firmware updates for example.

See the other answers as well. Feel free to post any other questions or search or k-base.

Best regards