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Estimote Indoor Location give you precise (x,y) position of users on an indoor map.



(what our exact requirement is we want know how much time user spent in the room)

A staff member walks into room 310 to repair something Upon walking into the room the device delivers an audible and haptic alert letting the Staff member know that the system has recorded their entry. Upon the alert, clock starts and Services Screen will display identifying the room the Staff is in and displaying the Services on the screen.

If the User has left the room, clock stops and they will be directed to the Dashboard.

we are planing to develop native iOS App.

These are my thoughts

  1. We planing to place one beacon in every room
  2. upon walking into the room, we will direct the user into Services Screen in app. we will show the services which are assigned to that room beacon in Services Screen. and we will start the clock.
    3.upon user lefts the room ,clock will stop. user will be directed to dashboard. we want to store the total time Staff member spent in that room.

is this possible with your beacons??

If possible which type of your product we have to Buy ??

How can we achieve this requirement ??
give me your brief idea…
Attached is my floor plan