White label app

Is there away to get white label version app?

Customers in field requested and one other firm has that

Estimote configure app white label

At Estimote, we focus on providing the best tools for developers to integrate beacons with their apps—and as such, we don’t do any app development or whitelabeling ourselves. We want to be the programming language/framework which developers will use to build killer apps, not a dev shop developing apps for others—if we delegate to the millions of developers from all around the world, there’s a better chance we all will collectively move contextual computing to a new level, making technology smarter and even more impactful on people’s lives.

To your question though, there’s a healthy ecosystem developing around beacons, so you can always look to 3rd parties. Bleesk for example offers white label apps. Locly allows you to build an app from their templates. And then there’s WYSIWYG app builders w/ iBeacon support: GoodBarber andPencilCase.

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I’m looking for is a white label version of your Estmote app that programs the beacon

I need the ability for my individuals to program there beacons in the field with my own app version of your app

Oh, gotcha! That’s not something we offer at this time, I’m afraid, but you can always take our SDKs and build your own configuration app. For our brand new Location Beacons, we even provide a ready-made template: