UUID filter and Secure UUID

Hello World,

I was wondering about the Secure UUID: if I range a region depending on a proximity UUID, but the beacon emitting has the Secure UUID enabled so the visible UUID isn’t the the filtered proximity UUID. Is the real UUID requested to the Estimote cloud before filtering or will my beacon packet be filtered first?


  • I range for a region filtering the UUID A,
  • the beacon has the real UUID A, but uses the Secure UUID so emits visible UUIDS B, C, D, E, B, C

Scenario 1:

  1. discovers [C],
  2. requests [C] to cloud,
  3. recovers [A],
  4. filters [A],
  5. found: [A].

Scenario 2:

  1. discovers [C],
  2. filters [A],
  3. requests [] to cloud,
  4. recovers [],
  5. found: [].

Obviously, it’s the scenario 1 that happens (otherwise, the Secure UUID and filtering would we incompatible). A simple test with a Secure UUID-activated beacon worked.