Use case of beacons in supermarkets

can someone point me to any use case of beacons in a supermarket? I would like to see their website etc

Hi! Tesco Lotus use case should be the most interesting:

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Thanks. When I talked tor retailers, they gave me an idea it is cumbersome and I personally feel that it should not require an internet connection. If beacon wants to transmit an offer, it should come from beacon to phone without specifying a url which an app will fetch. Maybe you need to develop a plugged in beacon which can transmit larger amounts of data instead of just the beacon id/url.


Thanks for the suggestions, Kamal. It can be indeed problematic to have the internet connection in some places but I’m afraid there’s not much we can do about an alternative. URL or beacon’s ID is sent over Bluetooth which has really low capacity compared to Wi-Fi. When you’re sending links through Eddystone-URL, you can only send up to 17 bytes which forces you sometimes to even use a link shortener to fit under the limit. Phones or apps don’t store beacons’ IDs or any other data either so the device needs to connect to the Estimote Cloud anyway to figure out what to do when it detects a beacon. So unless someone develops something much more powerful than Bluetooth and makes it ubiquitous, our options are limited.