Unpair Estimote when app is backgrounded

Currently if you edit an Estimote beacon with the app, you need to manually go back to the home screen in order to drop the current connection. If you don't do this, the app stays connected with the Estimote you last edited even even when the foreground app is switched.

This matters because as long as the Estimote is paired with the configuration tool, it stops advertising. In other words, it is entirely invisible to everyone else. We've encountered a few times in the office where an Estimote seemed to be unresponsive, only to find out that someone nearby unknowingly still had it paired in the background to their app.

Automatically disconnecting the Bluetooth pairing when the app is no longer in foreground would solve this.

Hi Zach -- great thought, happened to me more than once as well. I'll pass this to our engineers. Thanks!