The ibeacon cannot be scanned by android sdk demo after the uuid changed

I could scan all of my beacons by ios sdk and android demo app before changed their uuid.
And after I'd changed the uuid of beacons and was modified them in cloud, these beacons could be scanned by ios sdk demo app but could not be scanned by android sdk demo.
I tried to modify the uuid in new region but it still invalid.
How can I scan these uuid of beacon modified?

Hi Jerry,

Android demo won't see beacons with changed UUID.
You need to restore default settings if you want to use it.

Thanks for your answer.
Do you mean these changed uuid can not be scanned by implement estimote android sdk ?
If it can scan , how can I do it ?
If it cannot scan , do you offer this feature in the future ?
PS. I can scan them by implement radiusnetworks android sdk.