Temperature without Authentication

Is it possible to monitor temperature without authenticating?

Requiring authentication for calibration or configuration is understood. However temperature monitoring is basic data.

Hi Parag,

No, temperature is only available in a connectivity mode, and to connect with a beacon you need to authenticate via login/password or App ID/Token.


So this complicates a situation where you are monitoring temperature in a house. In my case i am placing the beacons in different rooms and monitoring temperature every so often.

For that to work, this means every time i poll temperature for each beacon, my app needs to connect to the beacon, authenticate to estimote and then finally obtain the temperature.

It seems to be overwork for a simple situation where you are just using the beacon to monitor temperature (very much like detecting presence of a beacon).



Thanks a lot for your thoughts on this!

You're right that this might be a bit overwork.
I'll pass your idea to the product team and I'm sure they'll consider it.