Scanning for beacons hcidump

With some old estimotes (mint, firmware 3.x) I can very successfully pull ibeacon info using a custom script on top of hcidump on Linux. Things like uuid, major, minor, txpower, rssi are not a problem.

With my relatively newer location beacons, firmware 4.1.x, I can’t. Parsing thru hcidump, I can see the beacon identifier, but no longer the uuid, major, minor etc. My trusty beacon scanner app on Android however does find them, so I’m likely parsing things wrong.

It’s almost as if the packet format is somewhat different. How do I parse out the uuid/major/minor using location beacons (set with ibeacon only)?

The only thing that changed with regards to the iBeacon packet between firmware 3.x and 4.x is that in 4.x, that packet is no longer marked as “connectable” — (a) because technically iBeacon spec requires it to be non-connectable, and (b) because in firmware 4.x, we have our own, dedicated Estimote Connectivity packet. So maybe your parser only looks for the connectable packets only? If you can post your script, we can take a look at it together (: