Scale of Location

I've been able to create my own location.json file and that is working just fine. I've modified the swift example app so that it works in both portrait and landscape mode (the layout adapts to both orientation)... however, my plan is more wide than it is long, so when it loads the scale of the plan is set to fit within the location view box in portrait mode. However, if I rotate my phone then I'd like the plan to re-scale so it gets bigger to fit the extent of the landscape viewport. I've set alignment constraints on the location view controller window so it should always be 10pts from each left and right border, and 70pts from the top... but the plan remains the same scale in both portrait and landscape mode. Can someone please help?

Hey Andy—I know I already answered this question in an email, but let me post here as well for anyone else that might stumble upon this thread.

We're aware of this issue and look forward to fixing it in some upcoming version of the Indoor SDK—though I'm afraid I don't know the exact ETA or version that this'll land in. I've shared some more insight about our philosophy when it comes to the map view in another thread, feel free to take a look for deeper understanding.