Position mapping app, rookie beyond imagination

Hi friends!
First off, I’m very much recently introduced to the world of programming, so apologies beforehand for my in general poor knowledge revolving this field.
Im currently working on my bachelors thesis and i think the estimote would be perfect for its experiment. Which revolves mapping peoples routing in addition to different lighting principles/scenes.

Now, i hope its not a dumb question, but i would like to achieve something as in the picture below. A simple position mapping, explaining where a individual(s) has been moving in the area.

Does anyone know an app written for this purpose that i could use?
Thank you very much for the help.

If I were you I’d draw the map with something like SketchUp and import the drawing. Then you can use beacons to determine where you are using trilateralization. Since beacons only give distance and not direction, you need 3 distance readings to determine position.

… or even better, instead of doing trilateration yourself (hint hint, it’s very hard to do it), use our Estimote Indoor SDK (;

The tutorial starts here:

You’ll also need two dev kits of the Location Beacons.

You can first try it with the Estimote Indoor Location app, before you jump to coding your own (: