Overlapping Beacons


I’m trying to develop an audiotour for a museum. The exposition is one wall approximately 15 meter. I’ve got three beacons divided over the wall.

I’m scanning for beacons and when I enter a region an audio file starts playing. But when I exit region of beacon-1 I directly enter region of beacon-2 and the audio of beacon-1 stops, and the audio of beacon-2 starts.

Now the problem is that when I’m in between both Beacons their overlapping each other what results in stop audio file-1, start audio file-2, start audio file-1, stop audio file-2. Its a nightmare!

Can anybody suggest a solution? I just want to be in 1 region without the interference of another beacon!


The solution is to do some filtering on the software side—e.g., as long as you’re “hearing” two beacons instead of one, don’t take any action, as you only want the audio to change when the device is really sure which room it’s in = only one beacon can be heard. Or, you could compare the signal strength of the two beacons: if they’re within, say, 5 or 10 dBm, it’s hard to say which one is closer; but if the difference is more than 10 dBm, one beacon is highly likely closer than the other, and then you can play the appropriate audio.

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