onEnteredRegion/onExitedRegion called continously

Hi There,
I am trying to find if the user is in a range in a specific period.

Monitoring onEnteredRegion and onExitedRegion . Both on IOS and Android I see that on every interval onExitedRegion called before onEnteredRegion. And it goes on continuously.

I have tweak on parameters, lower Ad Interval to 260ms and TX to 4dbm it stil is the same.
Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?


Do you mean, you’re in range of the beacon but get an onExitedRegion (on Android) / didExitRegion (on iOS) call anyway?

Can you tell us:

  • what specific iPhone/Android models you’re testing with
  • what iOS/Android versions
  • what SDK versions
  • how often and in what time intervals exits & enters come?
  • have you modified the background scan period?

I mean on both (IOS and Android) exit and enter events called simultaneously and continuously.
I have tested with beacon called blueberry.Firmware : Estimote OS A3.2.0
I just downloaded last week, I could not find the version of the SDK.
I have tried both on IOS 9.1 and Android 5 .

Intervals are very close most of time couple of seconds, Sometimes 3 exits and 3 enters come in a minute especially on Android.

I am having the same problem using Android.

Moto G
Android: 5.0.2

Any idea?

This is primitive functionality, I do not want to believe this is a bug :smile:

Speaking of Android, have you modified the background scan period?

I connected the beacon to my phone it work fine, i enter in beacon range it trigger but after 1min didexitRange was trigger, but i am staying same place and also after 1min didenterRange was trigger.

It continually occured


  • updating to the latest version of the Estimote Android SDK
  • lowering your beacons’ advertising interval to 300 ms or less

I am facing the same problem with Android. Even though I am keeping the phone and the beacon stationary and they are just 1m apart the onEnteredRegion() and onExitedRegion() are being called multiple times. I have kept the transmission power to -4dBm.

Have you tried updating to the latest version of the SDK and lowering the adv interval?

We describe this problem in more detail here:

Dealing with many onExit/onEnter events

We’re also working on optimizing our SDK further to minimize these issues, so keep an eye on our GitHub (, but there’s only so much we can do, b/c the very root cause here is that some Android devices are simply quite unresponsive. (In which case lowering the adv interval should help a ton.)