Not receiving didEnterRegion notification after the App is killed from multi-tasker

So here is the scenario.

Right now the device is inside the region.
I kill the app from multi tasking view. Switch off the BT and location services.
I exit the region and come back again.
Switch on the BT and Location.

But I do not get didEnterRegion notification now. In order to get that I have to launch the app again.
Is there a way to get the enter notification without launching the app again?

Additionally, if I kill the app and do not turn the BT/Location off, exit and enter the region…I do get both the notifications, which is normal. But the problem occurs if I toggle the BT/Location off and on.

Yes, I’ve seen this as well—not sure if it’s a bug or that’s expected on iOS. Maybe worth submitting a bug report to Apple?

Basically, when you exit a beacon region, iOS writes down that “region A => outside”. When you disable Bluetooth (and/or Location Services), iOS can’t know if you went back in range or not, and so it writes down that “region A => unknown”. And then when you enable Bluetooth/Location again, I personally would expect iOS to re-scan the environment, and then write down a new state of the region (e.g., “region A => outside”, if still outside). This however doesn’t seem to be happening—the region is stuck in “unknown”, and enter and exit events don’t trigger for “unknown” regions. At least not until you re-start the app, which seems to force a re-scan.