New Software Augmented Reality - PlugXR Platfrom

PlugXR is the cloud-based Augmented Reality Platform for everyone, NO Coding and No dependency.easy drag and drop platform.

PlugXR Features:

PlugXR is not just eliminating the technical skills and cost, but also provides with a lot of other unique features which made us stand out from competitors, Such as:

    1. Since it’s a Cloud-Based Platform that will allow you to access the platform anywhere over the internet, also you can add your other team members to work on your project remotely.
    1. Eliminates the need of installing Android Studio, XCODE and Unity3D to get App Store & Play Store ready files.
    1. You can build an AR app by choosing any of the AR SDKs like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia and many other SDK’s (Multiple AR SDK’s Support), this will allow you to migrate from one SDK to another SDK without losing your data.
    1. The platform supports All Types of Assets
    1. You can create Complex AR Experiences including advanced interactions.
    1. it’s a true Zero Coding platform
    1. It provides with advanced Analytics & Reports

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