.NET SDK for Development

Are there plans for .NET SDK, or if there are already can you point me to them.

.NET SDK on what platform? For iOS/Android, we’ve got Xamarin bindings here:

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Awesome, is it .Net Standard ??

It’s Xamarin, which is a .NET implementation for iOS and Android. I believe it’s compatible with .NET Standard 1.6. I’m not an expert on .NET/Xamarin though, so I wouldn’t trust myself 100% on this :slight_smile: Maybe somebody else can chime in and confirm.

how do i contribute to this, since am primarily a .NET & Xamarin developer

While our native iOS/Android SDKs are closed-source, the Xamarin bindings for them are open-source. So feel free to fork it & submit PRs (: It’s the GitHub repo I mentioned above.

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