Motion and position with Estimote Sticker

Hello, I can detect movement from an Estimote Sticker, but I d like to detect when a sticker is picked up from a table for example and when he is putted back,
Is this doable with Stickers ?



Hi @inoui!

As you mentioned, there is possibility to detect state when Estimote Sticker is in motion. Moreover, Sticker can broadcast Estimote Telemetry packet with accelemoterer readings data - it can be useful for your purposes.

Would like you to share your idea with us ? More details would definitely help us answer to your request more accurately :slight_smile:

Hi @arek, basically, i d like to be able to detect when you take an object, for example a mug, from a table, and i d like to know when you put it back



@inoui, basically it is doable. Take use of your accelerometer data to figure out whether your object is going up or down (follow the right axis of accelerometer value).

However keep in mind that Sticker responsiveness is related to broadcasting frequency of the packet that contains telemetry. In order to increase it, lowering Advertising Interval of the packet is recommended.

Don’t forget that changing it may affect on your sticker battery life - it is important keep balance between the reliability of sensors data and preventing from strong battery draining.

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