Monitoring fails only in release version

On iOS we’re having a very strange problem.

We have a monitoring feature in place. We run a get-status for each beacon region to detect if there are any nearby. And for those that are returned as Outside we begin the start-monitoring process.

This works just fine when testing through XCode. It also works fine when the app is being beta-tested on TestFlight.
But when the same build is finally released on the App Store, that monitoring feature fails to detect any beacons. And this is supposed to be the exact same build.

We’re already tried building and deploying again. Everything works in every other version except the one from the App Store.

Any insight into this?

So you’re calling the requestStateForRegion method, is that right? And when you say that “monitoring feature fails to detect any beacons,” does it mean the state comes back as “unknown”? Or is it that didDetermineState delegate is not being called?

The code is set such that if the result of requestStateForRegion comes back as anything other than Inside, it starts a startMonitoringForBeaconsInRegion.

So if the initial check didn’t find anything, we start the usual monitoring cycle.

I can’t say exactly what is happening the release version, but at the very least it simply isn’t returning the beacons as Inside during the initial requestStateForRegion and at no point are they showing up as Inside in the didEnterRegion event.

Again, the same version of the app will detect beacons just fine using the methodology described above when being tested through XCode or TestFlight.**