May I ask about how to use one function?

I an going to change my power level by the function name
- (void)writePower:(ESTBeaconPower)power completion:(ESTPowerCompletionBlock)completion

But I really don't know how to use in my code. 'power' is NSNumber as a property, how about completion? Sorry if this question is not a good one. And if i wanna to change the power to -10dbm, may I get one example of the code? Or the value range of the power?

Thanks a lot if there is any help!

Please see examples in our SDK. They will explain everything to you.

Sorry, but I searched the SDK and i didn't found where the 'writePower' function is used. May I get more about the details plz?


and invocation of resetAccelerometerCountWithCompletion method. writePower works the same way. Remember that first you need to connect to beacon. This demo already does that.

Thanks a lot. This does help much. And I have started my configuration. I can run my program now with no error. Only one warning at " self.firstBeacon.delegate = self;" is "assigning to 'id<ESTBeaconDelegate>' from incompatible type "ViewController * const_strong".

In SDK, the property declaration is "@property (nonatomic, strong) ESTBeacon *beacon;". So mine is "@property (nonatomic, strong) ESTBeacon *firstBeacon;" I'm not sure whether i have connected . But the NSLog message in "beaconConnectionDidSucceeded" didn't appear.

Your view controller needs to implement ESTBeaconDelegate protocol. See our example how to do it.

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