Max range setting reverting after setting tag in cloud


  1. Use estimate app to set max range to ~3.5m/12ft. Verify setting in cloud.
  2. Set tag with the following code:
-(void) saveSetupStateToCloud:(NSArray *)tags withCompletionBlock:(void(^)(NSError *error))completionBlock{
    self.tagsToSetInCloud = tags;
    self.completionBlock = completionBlock;
    ESTBeaconConnection *beaconConnection = [ESTBeaconConnection connectionWithProximityUUID:self.uuid major:self.major.unsignedShortValue minor:self.minor.unsignedShortValue delegate:self];
    [beaconConnection startConnection];

- (void)beaconConnection:(nonnull ESTBeaconConnection *)connection didVerifyWithData:(ESTBeaconVO *_Nullable)data error:(NSError *_Nullable)error{
    [connection writeTags:self.tagsToSetInCloud completion:^(NSError *error){
        NSLog(@"EST writeTags complete with error=%@", error);
        if (self.completionBlock != nil) {
  1. Max range is back to default value when viewed through app and cloud

Can you message me the identifier of the affected beacon?