Looking for ideas how an app would handle many beacons

I use Parse in my apps. I'm wondering if I'm thinking about this right:

Use Case: Imagine there might be thousands of beacons enabled for my app. They may be in concentrated areas but in pools of concentrated areas.

In that case, I would do the following:

1 . Use something like GPS with a cloud app to pull in an array of beacon UUIDs near my device
2. Instantiate multiple instances of beacon regions (each with their own UUID)
3. Run a background process which kicks off a localnotification when a beacon is within range and process information against that beacon?

Or, would I use something like listeners against the managers?

Hi John -- you can take advantage of hierarchical UUID+Major+Minor design. Take a look at our documentation of ESTBeaconRegion and let me know if you have any more questions: