Looking for a company to teem-up with in my study project, free market research for the company!

Hi there,

I am currently looking for a company, which deploys or already uses beacons at the moment to teem-up with, in my study project.

I am a Masters student at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences and currently writing my thesis with the topic of: “Beacon-interactions used for marketing purposes”.

I would like to propose an unofficial collaboration to a company, whereas I would like to get involved in their beacon use cases to analyse the processes and the feasibility.

In return, I would like to offer an empiricial study to the company and dedicating the thesis to it.
I believe it is a great opportunity, that I will conduct a market research project and the company do not need any financial or time investments into it. Furthermore the research can focus completely on the company’s interests after laying down the guidelines. Research on user interaction, user experience just a couple of possible examples.

I own the neccesary knowledge, experience, furthermore a profesional market research software to use.

Once again, the collaboration would not indicate any financial obligations from both parties, it is ultimately a study project!

I hope to hear from you, and please contact me on the forum or on the below email address.

Thank you!

Viktor Horváth


We are in Vegas
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